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spookable (adj.)

1. To be identifiably trans, especially in public.

2. To be able to be scared shitless.



“Spookable” is the story of two trans best friends, Sean and Tahmina, who go to vacation in the woods only to end up a part of the super-natural world. Sean is a jockish and arrogant mid-20’s white trans man 

The series is a campy horror-comedy romance that calls upon the comedic tone of “Scary Movie” paired with the sexy horror of “Lovecraft Country.” It follows a creature-of-the-week format similar to “Supernatural” and “Goosebumps,” subverting monster tropes within a queer-centric universe. Each monster introduced episodically is connected to the main villain of season one, the Fallen Angels, who must capture Tahmina in order to take over the world. Throughout the series the two lead characters are pushed and pulled by the ties of their friendship as it turns to romance, and the life-or-death, good-vs-evil choices they must now make. . . 

who, through his fearless bravado and questionable intelligence, gets lost in the woods and accidentally turns into a werewolf. Tahmina, a gorgeous and book-smart black trans woman with unrequited love for Sean, is compelled to save her friend and therefore chooses to face the very evil that took him. Together they become fighters of otherworldly evil while their lives, and relationship, change forever.

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